This week, you expressed your intentions to vote against the conviction of former President Donald Trump.

You explained that “the key word is ‘precedence’” and that Democrats simply seek “revenge” through impeachment.

“Better to move on,” you concluded.

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Photo by Texas Observer

You know, you and I share an ideological idol, Senator. The work of psychoanalyst and Holocaust survivor, Viktor Frankl is particularly meaningful to me right now. Not only have I analyzed his passages in my classroom with my students, but I turn to his work during personal moments of existential angst.

I know you know that he studied under Signund Freud, and — like many of Freud’s protégés — the apprentice broke away from the master. Frankl asserted that human nature is driven by a search for meaning, not pleasure or power. …

By: Gaby Diaz and Brandon Worley

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If you’re caught between the “How Could This Happen Here?” and “Of Course This Was Gonna Happen” matrices, you’re not alone. Rational Americans are indeed aghast and aware of the steps that brought us to the most dangerous attack on our nation since Fort Sumter.

Rational Americans are also bombarded with silly, sophomoric, and downright stupid rhetoric packed with logical flaws and fallacies.

Here’s a breakdown of the stupid shit you’re likely to read in the coming days and how to survive it.

Myth #1 “We have concerns about voter fraud!”

Why this is dumb: This is now the third time we’ve entertained this totalitarian tune, but let’s talk about the implications of how and who recycles the myth that there’s been widespread voter fraud because — in the end — there is no evidence. …

In 2020, the first line of the Houston Chronicle’s endorsement in the TX 02 congressional race made me spit out my coffee.

“U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw has 1 million Twitter followers.”

Naturally, I laughed and shared the line with friends, so they could laugh with me. But, by the end of the day, rereading the line depressed me.

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So many moral and legal standards have been lowered in the past four years that watching my local paper follow suit was deeply disappointing.

To be fair — in the endorsement, the Houston Chronicle exposed the nature of my gerrymandered TX 02 district. …

My cousin wonders why she left Venezuela. She uprooted her family to keep them safe from criminals willing to kill people for even their shoes.

For those of us who grew up in immigrant families, we’re starting to recognize the looks on our friends’ faces. Even through the pixelated Zoom and WhatsApp calls, we’ve seen those under-eye bags of moral exhaustion and shoulders drooping in hopelessness before.

We also recognize the wide-eyed look after witnessing armed vigilantes playing police for a political party — murdering citizens in defense of la Patria. I saw that with the Chavistas in Caracas. We recognize the jaw drops after reading another headline about our government assaulting the sacred right to vote. …

This summer, between packing BBQ joints with maskless campaign crowds and podcasting about making nationalism great again, Congressman Dan Crenshaw took time to completely abandon his oath of office in six tweets today.

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The first tweet is a frantic response to Vice President Biden. Crenshaw attacked in defense of Trump when Biden called him out for hypocrisy in criticizing mail in voting while applying for a mail in ballot for the Florida primaries.

“Joe thinks you can’t tell the difference between absentee voting and universal mail-in voting,” he tweeted

Absentee voting is “safe and secure,” Crenshaw lectures, while mail in voting has “abuse and mistakes.” …

Once, it was a sarcastic banner above your English teacher’s door. Now, it’s a promise from our politicians. Even Dante’s Inferno wasn’t this scary.

I can see it now: thousands of teachers with boxes full of books and Clorox wipes and Anxiety preparing to start the school year in four weeks.

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Texas leaders have failed Texans with little room to correct course before the school year begins.

After pillaging Texan’s property taxes, Commissioner Mike Morath (appointed by Republican Governor Greg Abbott) led the Texas Education Agency in abandoning the welfare of tiny Texans and those of us who teach and care for them. …

Yes, I know you just turned in your grades for the end of the year. I know you’re cleaning up your classroom feeling totally unprepared for what the Fall semester will hold. I know the words “professional development” and “Zoom” might actually drive you to quit this career forever.

But we have work to do.

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The match is lit and the fire is ablaze, and — especially for educators — this is no time to turn away from the flame. …

Countless comments fill my feed about the “the media” lately. The role of “the media” in the toilet paper panic; the responsibility of “the media” in the crash of the markets; the fault of “the media” at large in this crisis. In fact, if someone starts a sentence with “the media,” I know what’s coming ain’t good.

“Media” is the plural form of “medium” and shorthand for “mass media.” We start seeing the term used as a metaphor for journalists as a group as early as 1923. …

Dear Senator Cruz,

Let’s stop talking about legal and illegal immigration, and let’s call it what it is: Immigration for the rich and immigration for the poor.

Because words matter, Senator. Terminology frames policy. Rhetoric frames reality.

Let’s be frank: there’s immigration for the Haves and immigration for the Have Nots.

You and I are products of the journey of the Haves. Our story with immigration is grounded in luck. It’s your story and my story and, unsurprisingly, the story of many Houstonians.

Senator, you often site the account of your father, a Cuban-native, arriving to America with $100 in his underwear. You love telling that story and often use it as an introduction to your identity as an American. But, it was a lawyer friend of your father’s who bribed a Cuban official to get your dad the student visa that got him to Florida. …

Gaby Diaz

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